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Red Roof Tiles

Running on Rooftops


Cherylann Sherwood
Faith-based Running Coach
Certified USA Track & Field Level 1

Use walking/running as the catalyst
make long lasting personal change.

Transformation is an inside job.
Get started now and walk (or run)
through fear, discomfort and uncertainty
to unlock new habits, confidence
and motivation.

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We are partners focused on your goals.


I meet you where you are and we begin there.


I am your accountability partner.

I offer a unique blend of faith-based run coaching and transformation life coaching to make long lasting personal change.


Primarily serving women who find themselves in the midst of involuntary change or want to make a change to be the best version of themselves, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually.


Step into the change, out of your comfort zone and into your best self. I integrate running principles (mindset, mechanics, recovery, etc.) and transformational life coaching to overcome challenges in life.


Whether you want to improve your running or start running, the physical and mental benefits are significant from reducing stress and depression to improving mental focus and strength.

Take a leap of faith. Step into the unknown. Trust God will be with you through it all.

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